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About Me

I'm not mean, you're just a sissy.

The colour of my hat means little to me unless we're winning hard or losing hard. I like both and will stick with you in that situation.

If you impress me I might bring you cake at the end of the match. It's for you, not her... though mind where you put your tongue; I often bleed on it during delivery. Your teamates just don't understand how awesome you are~

I do stupid things sometimes. Yell encouragement and I'm sure to keep at it.

This guy - Delicious Madness - is my hero, but so are these - Brotherhood - guys, so... I dunno?

My photo is the face I make every time I push the post button.

My PS3 is shared with my fiancee: I get weekdays and late nights, he gets evenings and weekends.

Is there a difference between fantasy and reality, considering that one's reality is what they perceive? Doodootdootdadoot

Clans are silly.

Despite the above I like the clan tag feature; it's a useful moodring.

Clans that have invited me anyway: The Jokers, Carrot Pwners

If I MUST, I will consder joining clan Friendlist. It works something like this: True Bonds

My heroes: Guan Yuber: master of Ranger and Events, the polis & ultra combo: Bonnie and Clyde of trolls, BLUETRONIC: probably related to God, Shredzilla: polite master of Slicing

I consider myself a Blue Mage although Mage is my worst class.

I consider myself a Blue Mage although my sig is RedQuill.

My sig is Redquill but my FP charrie is blue and green, my PSN border is green, and my @home bubbles are purple.

I'm not even colourblind, I have no excuse.

Don't take me too seriously. If I say something 'mean,' try to look at it as a 'joke.'

That said, there are rare times and particular issues I take very seriously... push me on these and you're fucked; if you particularly offend me screwed, and should you actually manage to legitimately piss me off... damned. I'm joking, haha.... this is when it gets MOST hilarious.

Most often though, I'm just fighting for it's own sake, so you're probably fine... I get a bit carried away sometimes, so bear with me... I have a rather unjustified high opinion of myself at times, or in certain situations... though it's not entirely my fault I think this way... just mostly.

But MOST importantly... Chillax, man.

I have a mic but rarely use it. Something about using the macros makes the game a bit more immersive, and people don't tend to listen anyway. At least the moron AI responds to macros. Plus it's impossible to hear anything over all the giggling.

I value old things, particularly music and games. As for music from old games WELL! fk u AirMan! Hellementals  You know, it's ROBBERY!  Quickly... I Like Games Aeons of Music.

Race, status, age, and gender are all fairly meaninless and transient properties to me... Life & Love, then Self.

Am I the cat or the bunny? The student or the professor? Friendly? Evil? Depends when you ask, perhaps even HOW you ask.

Big moustaches go well with female characters.

Pigtails go well with male characters.

Ninjas have neither of these; how interesting.

Do you belive in destiny...? If so... who controls it? If not...?

Angels and Devils... who gives a damned.

Find YOUR wind, and follow wherever it blows...

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